Agentlien - Graphics Programmer


My name is Daniel "Agentlien" Kvick and I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for games.
I currently work as a Graphics Programmer at Thunderful Development.

Below you'll find a selection of things I have worked on. It's a short list, but I have ideas for more articles I'm hoping to write in the future.

Avoiding CPU Overhead in Unity by Replacing Cameras with Renderer Features

Replacing additional Unity cameras with custom render passes in Wavetale.

Screen Gloom Optimization in Wavetale

A walk through the shader replacing our screen gloom effect on all ports of Wavetale.

Automated Cleanup of Unity's Generated Shaders

Introducing a tool for automatically simplifying shaders generated from Unity's Shader Graph.

The Fog of Random

A behind the scenes look at how the fog was implemented for Lost in Random.

Blood flow simulation

Video of the fluid simulation I developed for my Master's thesis back in 2011. Done using pixel shaders in OpenGL.